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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based and how far will you travel?

I am a wedding photographer based in Bromsgrove - but I am happy to travel*.

So although recent commissions have meant that we have photographed in Birmingham and the West Midlands such as Solihull, Shustoke, Henley in Arden, Wooten Wawen and Warwick.

We also cover Redditch, Droitwich, Kidderminster and Worcester.

We have photographed weddings in Bibury in Cirencester, Bambury in Oxfordshire, Eastbourne, Acton Trussell in Staffordshire, Shrewsbury, Farnham and Worthing.

* Travel to anywhere over 1hr from Bromsgrove, will incur an extra charge of 50p per mile.

Do you work with a second photographer?

I always work with my partner Martin who meets with other members of the wedding couple at the Church or ceremony location on the day of your wedding. Martin will take pictures of all the important people at the wedding location awaiting the arrival of the other member of the wedding couple.

Martin will continue to take pictures during the ceremony, typically from the rear of the venue, whilst I am at the front of the venue. Once everybody leaves the venue and depending upon where you have decided to have your confetti/family formats/group pictures, Martin will act as a coordinator, gathering the relevant people for the pictures you have requested, leaving me to concentrate on getting the photographs taken as quickly as possible, meaning we can get you back to your guests in the shortest possible time.

I am very aware that the 'formal' aspect of the day can be a little time consuming and not much fun for those of your wedding party who are waiting around for these pictures to be completed, hence we try to get through this aspect of your day as quickly as possible.

His time is included in any price I quote to you.

Shustoke Farm Barns Wedding Photographer, Shustoke

Will you edit all of our photographs?

I will edit every image that Martin and I take on your wedding day. I look at each one individually and assess it, if anybody in the image has their eyes closed or there is an unacceptable blur in the image I will delete it.

If I have taken two images (or more) that look very similar and both are what I would class as 'usable', I will leave one in colour and make one black and white.

While I will remove things such as blemishes on either bride or groom (such as an unexpected spot or bite, or anything that isn't normally there), my editing does not include extensive retouching. If you think that this is something that you may require, please mention it at our first meeting.

Do you have past clients who can provide a reference?

Yes, I have numerous previous clients who would be more than happy to provide a reference. Just ask me when we meet and I'll ask a previous client to provide a reference which I will forward to you. (I will not give out personal e-mails and ask you to make contact with them or ask them to contact you).

Will you supply black and white images?

Yes, as mentioned in the editing question, I will make some images black and white. I do not have specific images that I will make black and white, I generally consider which images will work best as black and white and supply you those.

Will you apply any other colours to the images, such as Sepia?

When selecting images to convert to black and white, some images may lend themselves to sepia or another colour process that enhances the image. As I normally take more than one picture of the same scene (such as any of the family formals as in my experience, there is usually somebody with their eyes closed, so I take several images to make sure I get at least one image that is usable). If I find myself with 3 or 4 images that are the same after I have converted one to black and white (leaving one also in colour), I may consider another colour process on the 3rd or 4th pictures, so as not to delete 'usable' pictures. If you have a specific colour request if you let me know we can try to select a colour process that meets your requirements.

How many pictures will we get?

How pictures you get will very much depend upon how long you book us for.

Obviously, if we start early and finish late, you'll get far more images than if we are with you for your ceremony and arrival at your Reception venue.

On average, you can expect to get at least 100 pictures for every hour that we are with you, but as past couples will tell you, I always supply more than this.

Will you come to our Church rehearsal?

Yes - as long as the journey time to your Church is not much longer than 30 mins, then we will always attend your rehearsal.

If you are having a civil ceremony, we will always speak with the Registrar beforehand to make sure we know where we can and can't go during the ceremony.

Meeting with everybody at a rehearsal is a great way to renew acquaintances and allow us to meet all the important people before your wedding day.

It also allows me to meet with the person completing the ceremony and understand from them where I can stand and how much I can move around during the ceremony. Some people are very flexible and allow me to move around as I please (space permitting at the alter) whereas others ask that I stay in one place and not move - this is usually as a result of them having a previous experience with a photographer who has been a little 'active' during the important sections of the ceremony.

I am respectful to any requests not to move and I will make you aware if this is what has been asked of me so I can manage your expectations of the sort of pictures you will get from this section of your day.

How will we get our wedding pictures?

An online gallery is a great way to allow your guests to see your wedding pictures. The one I use allows for the download of your wedding pictures for free by your friends, family and guests.

I also currently supply two USB's of all your wedding pictures, however as we all start to move towards pictures being held on portable devices or a cloud somewhere, I fully expect to stop supplying the USBs in years to come. If you feel you have no need for two USB's, let me know.

Coleshill, Birmingham Wedding photographer If we book you, will you need food at the venue?

We never expect to be fed and usually bring our own sandwiches. However, venues that are experienced at catering for wedding receptions usually supply an extra plate of food (or two) at no extra cost to you. Either way, if you could let us know before the day so we know if we need to pack a sandwich or not.

How late will you stay on the day of our wedding?

We will stay as long as you need us to, but as I charge by the hour, this will have cost implications, so if you think you'll need us late, let us know and we can discuss it further.

If you book us for a number of hours but decide you'd like us longer, we charge an extra £100 per hour over the originally contracted hours.

We only do one wedding per day, so an earlier start or later finish is always possible as you get closer to your wedding date and think you'd like us earlier/later.

Do your images come with copyright restrictions?

We do not place any copyright restrictions on the use of our photographs taken on your wedding day. However, if it appears the pictures are being used for commercial purposes, then a charge will be incurred.

Do you supply an album of photographs?

I don't routinely supply an album of your wedding photographs, this is because putting one together is very time-consuming to complete. However, if an album is something that you'd like, then please let me know and I'll quote for this separately.

Do you have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have a wedding around Bromsgrove, Birmingham or across the West Midlands I'd love to meet you to see how I can help.