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Tips - choosing wedding date

Choosing your wedding date

So, your partner has popped the question and you start to consider when and where you'd like to get married.

You'll no doubt have a few ideas of where, but here are a few things to think of before you decide when:

  • Give yourself enough time to organise the wedding you want.
  • Give yourself enough time to save up to pay for the wedding.
  • Popular wedding venues get booked up well in advance - are you going to have to wait a year or two to get the venue of your dreams - you won't find out what's available until you start to make contact with various venues, but manage your expectations regarding what you want and how long you might have to wait to get it.
  • Redhouse Barn Wedding photographer Struggling to decide which month - what is your favourite season? Everybody thinks of a wedding in the height of summer, but some of us love the snow!
  • Narrowed down your month? What dates/days work best for you?
  • Narrowed down your day/date - can the other important people make it as well?
  • Give yourself enough time to find a wedding dress. If you aren't an 'off the peg' size (is anybody?) give yourself enough time to find the dress, but also to have any alterations done.
  • What kind of wedding do you want? If you have your heart set on a grand marquee within the grounds of a Castle, you might need to consider the summer months.
  • What is your budget? Do you need time to save for the wedding of your dreams?
  • If you are considering Flower Girls or Page Boys - will they be able to get the time off school if you have a weekday wedding?
  • Have some of your friends also recently got engaged? Is it worth speaking with them so your proposed wedding dates don't clash?
  • Are you really, really looking forward to the Honeymoon? If you have somewhere in mind, will your wedding date coincide with term-time holidays meaning it will be more expensive?
  • Is your chosen Honeymoon destination at its best when you want to go there? Are you considering going to the southern hemisphere - it's winter there when it's summer in the UK. Does your chosen location have a rainy season or any kind of extreme seasonal weather which means it might be inexpensive, but not exactly what you were expecting.

There is so much to consider when trying to plan a date for your marriage ceremony, made even more complicated with the recent Covid restrictions.

If you do book somewhere, make sure you find out what their terms are in relation Covid.

Will they charge you more if you need to re-book because you or another important person in the wedding party has Covid?

What happens if there is another lockdown - will you have to pay to move your date?

What will you do if there are restrictions on numbers attending a wedding again - can you comfortably reduce numbers if required to.

There is so much more to think about since Covid and while I don't think we'll go back to what it was like in 2019 with full lockdowns and everything closed, it should be a little bit of a consideration when making your plans.