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Tips - save towards wedding

Ideas to try to help you save towards paying for your wedding day.

Let’s face it, even an inexpensive wedding can be expensive (because we budget to what we think we can afford, then add a bit more to be sure).

Here I’ll offer some ideas about cutting your day to day (or week to week) spending in an effort to help you save toward your wedding day.

When you start planning your wedding, the first thing you should do is set your budget.

For most of us, we have no idea what everything will cost until we actually start looking into it, but you should have an idea in your head of how much you can safely spend.

A wedding it is a big chunk of money to spend and for some, the next biggest purchase after a deposit for a house or buying a car. In days gone by, the father of the bride paid for the wedding, but in recent years, a lot of couples pay for their own wedding with some financial help from their parents.

So once you’ve got a budget in mind, let’s see what you can do to help meet that target!

Ok, I’ll put it out there early on - saving money is hard, really, really hard, especially if it is something you are not in the habit of doing already, but let’s have a look at where you can make some cutbacks that you might not notice too much and maybe you’ll also get the saving bug.

Where can you make some cutbacks?

Coffee shops – we all love (I know I do) the pleasure that goes with a coffee away from home, be that meeting up with friends or on a Saturday afternoon whilst out shopping or just the pleasure of going into a coffee shop – the smell (and what a wonderful smell it is), the cakes, the generally welcoming atmosphere, not to mention free Wi-Fi that can sometimes sucker you to stay longer than planned. Sitting in also means you pay more for your drink than if you had a takeaway.

Coffee - how to save money for your wedding The thing is, takeaway coffee isn’t cheap (well it kind of is cheap depending upon where you go) but is it a daily treat that we have without thinking about it, a habit really. I’m a firm believer that we shouldn’t stop everything we enjoy, but can you limit your takeaway coffee to alternate days or only the weekend? Fewer coffees per week will mean a little more towards the wedding you are planning.

Save the change - we use cash less and less, but when we do, how about putting all that loose change in a jar. Maybe not the pennies, 2p’s or even the 50p’s but how about going ‘big’ and collecting £2 coins – be warned though, they are in short supply as a lot of people collect them.Piggy bank

Save the surprises – worked overtime and been paid, or had an unexpected windfall or financial gift, how about saving that? They don’t happen very often (certainly financial gifts don’t) but instead of spending it on nothing particular, put it towards that wedding you want.

Keep a track of your spending - try to see where it all goes and see where you can save a little here and there. You can use a good old fashioned pen and paper after collecting and keeping all your receipts and see where your daily/weekly spends go and see if there is something you can change or do less of to be able to add to your wedding spends. If you don’t fancy the pen and paper option, there are lots of choices of apps (I use Plum) that link to your bank account, updates you daily about your spending and nibbles a bit off here and there (amounts you really won’t notice) and puts it in a ‘pocket’ for you to access easily.

Try the 52 week challenge – this starts off easy and gets harder, but the basic idea is that week 1 you save £1, week 2 you save £2, week 3 you save £3, until week 52 when you save £52. As I say, it means that the last four weeks you’ll save £202, which makes it an ‘expensive’ month saving wise, but if you can manage it for the whole 52 weeks, you’ll save £1,378 in the 52 weeks.

Try the 365 day challenge – A little bit like the 52 week challenge, but this one starts off hard and continues to be hard. With this challenge you save £1 on Sunday, £2 on Monday, £3 on Tuesday and so on, until Saturday when you save £7, then you start all over again with £1 on Sunday, £2 on Monday etc. It means you save £28 a week, with a total of £1,456 over the 365 days.

Takeaways - again, I'm not suggesting that we stop what we love, but have you found yourself ordering more and more takeaways?

Take away picture - how to try to save moneyThis might be because you get home late from work and just haven't got the energy to cook, or something as simple as the local Indian doing a curry that you just love. Trying to reduce the takeaways to one a week would see a bit of extra money to go into the savings pot.

As I say, saving money, a worthwhile amount of money is really, really hard. Hopefully if you set yourself an achievable budget and give yourself lots of time to save towards your wedding day, you can have the day you want.

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