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You'll find that most photographers also do some other kind of photography. I don't take travel pictures to generate revenue, I take them for the immense pleasure they give me.

Mostly, you'll see that I favour long exposure/night photography, apart from the fact that you can get some very unusual images, you never quite know what the outcome will be like until after you've pressed that shutter.

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore
Ventura Pier at night in sea fog.
A view of Tenby Harbour, Wales, at night.
Story Bridge, Brisbane, long exposure photography
Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
A night view of Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
Under Ventura Pier at night.
Sydney Opera House at night
Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square in 2021
A view of Brooklyn Bridge, New York at night.
A night view of the Grand Canal, Venice
Millennium Bridge, London & St Paul's Cathedral
Sydney Opera House, Sydney Australia at night
A view of Liverpool Container Base, across the Mersey
Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York.
View of the Port of San Francisco Ferry Building, 2014
Birds gather on the side of the River Mersey
A view of Campbell's Cove, Sydney, Australia
Liverpool Container Base at night from Wallasey
Tenby North Beach, Harbour and RNLI Station
Ventura Beach Life Guard station 5, Ventura.
North Beach, Tenby in sunshine.
Story Bridge, downtown Brisbane night photography
Llandudno Pier, North Wales at night
New Brighton Lighthouse with Container base