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Amsterdam - is a beautiful, but busy city & watch out for those cyclists!

Skinny Bridge - Magere Brug at night
View of Amstel, Amsterdam
zuiderkerk tower
Zuiderkerk Tower from Staalmeesersbrug
Iconic Zuiderkerk tower at dusk.
Montelbaanstoren, Amsterdam at dusk
Montelbaanstoren, Amsterdam.

Easter 2022 in Amsterdam

We spent four days in Amsterdam over the Easter break in 2022. It is such a busy place, especially in the popular tourist areas such as the Red Light district - there is nothing even remotely like it in the UK and of course the cannabis cafes - again, nothing to compare these to in the UK.

We were lucky to have picked a hotel (so many to choose from), that was about a 10 min walk from the really busy areas and I'm glad we did, not only were there fewer humans everywhere, but it allowed us to see more of the city.

The canal system is part of a World Heritage Site and the houses that line the canal network are beautiful, but narrow, apparently this is because there was a tax on how wide they were, so back in the day, they built them narrow, but deep.

Narrow comes with its own issues of getting furniture in and out. If you look up, you will see that all the old houses have a hook that protrudes from the top of the building, big (very big) windows, and the building leans out slightly at the top, this allowed for furniture to be hoisted up to the upper floors and into the big windows, with the leaning aspect of the building meaning that furniture didn't get knocked into the property while it was being hoisted to the upper floors - ingenious.

Amsterdam is synonymous with bicycles and they are everywhere, with dedicated sections of road for their use, but be warned, the cyclists do not stop for much and they ride a quite a speed.