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Brisbane - 2018 & 2020

Brisbane, Australia.

I have been fortunate enough to visit Brisbane, Australia twice, once in late 2018 and again in early 2020, arriving back in England just as the Corona virus was taking hold across the world.

In the space of those two years, I was amazed how much part of the city had changed, with regeneration in parts that were unloved and undeveloped the first time I was there.

Story Bridge illuminated red at night 2018
Brisbane Night Photography - 2018
Story Bridge, Brisbane, night photography - 2018
Light trails from boat, Brisbane River at night in 2018
Story Bridge illuminated at night long exposure 2018
Story Bridge at night in black and white 2018
Brisbane, Story Bridge, long exposure photography
Story Bridge, Captain Burke Park, night photography
Story Bridge, downtown Brisbane night photography
Story Bridge, New Farm River Walk Brisbane
Captain Burke Park and Story Bridge, Brisbane
Story Bridge, Brisbane, long exposure photography

The main pictures shown here are of Story Bridge which spans the Brisbane River. The bridge was opened in 1940 and is the longest cantilever bridge in Australia. It is named after a prominent public servant John Douglas Story.

The bridge is illuminated at night and provides some beautiful night photography.