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London, England.

London, England

London, a place I return to time and again. There are images here from about 2010 and places have changed since some of these photos were taken. Certainly, Battersea Power station no longer looks like this. I last went to photograph in London in 2016 and I've just gone back at the start of 2022. So much has changed, some of it for the better, some not so much.

Millennium Bridge, London & St Paul's Cathedral
Canary Wharf Photographed from Greenwich, London - 2007
Battersea Power Station in orange sodium lighting
View of Battersea Power Station from across the Thames
Battersea Power Station in 2010
Palace of Westminster, London, England
Fountains in Trafalgar Square, London at night 2010
A view of Trafalgar Square, London at night in 2010.
Buckingham Palace, London at night with light trails
Wellington Arch, London at night
A view of the Tower of London at night in 2012
A view of Tower Bridge during the London Olympics 2021
Tower Bridge, London, during the 2012 Olympics.
A view of St Paul's Cathedral a night with passing boat
A section of the London Eye, London at night
View of an illuminated Albert Bridge, London in 2012.
Battersea Power Station at night with light trails
A night view of London from Victoria Embankment
London Eye with light trails from a passing boat
London Eye & County Hall, London
Millennium Bridge & St Pauls Cathedral desaturated
The Shard cityscape at night from shoreline of Thames
City of London at night. Long exposure photography.
Wide-angle view of Tower Bridge at night
The Shard at night from Millenium Bridge
Tower of London at night, long exposure photography
Tower Bridge at night viewed from London Bridge.
Millennium Bridge & St Paul's Cathedral
London Eye & Hungerford Bridge
City of London, Oxo building long exposure photography
St Pauls & Millennium Bridge, London. Long exposure
Millennium Bridge with Tate Modern in the background
Greenwich shore view of O2 Arena, long exposure
Houses of Parliament at night with passing boat
Millennium Bridge & the City of London
London Eye & Houses of Parliament at night
Canary Wharf from Thames riverbank
Canary Wharf from Greenwich
London Eye at night - long exposure photography
St Pauls, the City of London & Millenium Bridge
City of London night photography