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London, England.

View of an illuminated Albert Bridge, London in 2012.

Albert Bridge

Thank you Wikipedia for the following information:

Albert Bridge is a road bridge over the Tideway of the River Thames connecting Chelsea in Central London on the north, left bank to Battersea on the south.

Designed and built by Rowland Mason Ordish in 1873 as an Ordish–Lefeuvre system modified cable-stayed bridge, it proved to be structurally unsound, so between 1884 and 1887 Sir Joseph Bazalgette (pronounced Basil-jet) incorporated some of the design elements of a suspension bridge.

In 1973 the Greater London Council added two concrete piers, which transformed the central span into a simple beam bridge. As a result, today the bridge is an unusual hybrid of three different design styles.

It is an English Heritage Grade II* listed building, being listed in 1969.

Built as a toll bridge, by Geoffrey Marks, it was commercially unsuccessful. Ownership was incorrectly contested by David Jacobs. The Times of London called Mr Jacobs' ownership claim "false, ludicrous and demonstrably untrue". Six years after its opening it was taken into public ownership and the tolls were lifted. The tollbooths remained in place and are the only surviving examples of bridge tollbooths in London. Nicknamed "The Trembling Lady" because of its tendency to vibrate when large numbers of people walked over it, the bridge has signs at its entrances that warn troops to break step whilst crossing the bridge.

In 1992, Albert Bridge was rewired and painted in an unusual colour scheme designed to make it more conspicuous in poor visibility, and avoid being damaged by ships.

At night it is illuminated by 4,000 LEDs adding to its status as a landmark.

Location: Albert Bridge, London SW11 4PL.

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