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New York - 2019

A long weekend in New York.

We went to New York in early January 2019 for a long weekend. I was desperately hoping for snow and while it was bloomin' cold for a few days, we didn't get any!

In relation to most of my long exposure photography, I know that the locations I stand in have been the place millions of people have also stood in to take pictures. So my hope is that in doing long exposure/night photography, I will create a photograph that hasn't really been seen before.

I know that in this age of cameras becoming more affordable, that my hope to create something unique gets less with each passing year, but I'd like to think that I can create something that is different from that taken with a mobile phone.

A view of Brooklyn Bridge, New York at night.
Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan Bridge, New York.
Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York.
DUMBO, base of Manhattan Bridge, New York, New York.
Night view Manhattan Bridge, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York
View across East River of Brooklyn Bridge, New York