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Svalbard, Norway

Svalbard, Norway - 2010

A polar bear sits on the pack ice, Svalbard in 2010.
Polar Bear stands on the pack ice, Svalbard in 2010
Polar Bears greet each other on the pack ice, Svalbard.
Walrus on pack ice, Svalbard
Yacht on the Arctic Ocean, Svalbard
Walrus in Svalbard, Norway
Arctic tern lands on the pack ice, Svalbard.
Gull lit by sun close to a glacier in Svalbard, Norway.
Gulls sit on a carved piece of glacier in Svalbard
Arctic Tern prepares to attack in Svalbard
Mountains, sky, sea and snow in Svalbard
Sign at Svalbard Airport
Pack Ice on a foggy morning in Svalbard
Growler iceberg, Svalbard, Norway.
Blue Iceberg in Svalbard
Blue Iceberg in Spitsbergen
Growler Iceberg, Svalbard,
Blue Iceberg sits in a bay in Svalbard
Blue Iceberg in Svalbard/Spitsbergen
Travel Photography, Svalbard 2010
Two yachts on the Arctic Ocean, Svalbard.
Svalbard Travel Photography, sailing ship
Sailboat, Svalbard, Norway
A schooner in the Arctic Ocean, Svalbard.
Ivory Gull on pack ice, Svalbard
Black-legged Kittiwakes at the base of a glacier.
Arctic Tern feeds its young on pack ice, Svalbard
Gulls gather to feed beneath melting glacier, Svalbard
Ivory Gulls in Svalbard, Norway
Ivory Gull flies over pack-ice, Svalbard, Norway.
A Northern Fulmar sits on an iceberg in Svalbard
Black legged Kittywake Gulls on pack ice, Svalbard.
An Arctic Tern flies close to a glacier in Svalbard

In 2010, I spent a month on a yacht with other photographers taking pictures of whatever we came across that took our fancy, but we were, of course, looking out for polar bears.

We were there from late July into August, so the time of the midnight sun, where the sun never truly gets below the horizon.

Due to it being so long ago, I don't know where a lot of the locations of the photos were taken because there was no way of recording them. If it were today, thanks to the GPS on my camera, I would be able to say where everything was taken.