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Bringsty Common Mission Church, dating from 1891

Herefordshire history at Avoncroft Museum

Money was raised from local wealthy benefactors to purchase the church which came in the form of a prefabricated kit (early flatpack) from the catalogue of C J Humphries, a London Iron Merchant and manufacturer, at a cost of £70 (equivalent of just over £9k today).

It arrived at nearby Brockhampton Railway Sidings and was transported by horse and cart 2.5 miles uphill to its permanent site on Bringsty Common, Herefordshire.

The Church was erected at the side of the Worcester to Bromyard Road in the parish of Whitbourne, Herefordshire in 1891.

It was referred to locally as the ‘Iron Church’ or ‘Tin Church’ and it served the Anglican worshipers of Bringsty Common and could hold approx. 100 people.

By 1984 the local population was half that to 1851 and contributed to the eventual demise of the church, which finally closed its doors in 1988.

In the late 1980s Avoncroft took the decision to save the church which had been well maintained and was generally in good condition.

The church was dismantled in 1995 and moved to Avoncroft.

It was rededicated in 1996.

Location: Avoncroft Museum, Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove B60 4JR.

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