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Avoncroft-fabulous wedding venue

Fibreglass Spire from St Pauls Church, Smethwick.

A bit of Smethwick history in Bromsgrove

This is the fibreglass spire from the now demolished St Pauls Church, Smethwick.

Set in a copse of trees at Avoncroft Museum is the spire of St Paul's Church, Smethwick.

The church was built by public subscription in 1857. The church was made of white brick from Stourbridge and was known as the Smethwick Working Mans Church.

By 1959 the timber frame of the church spire had rotted and needed to be replaced. The cheapest option was to create a new fibreglass spire and lower it into place with the aid of a crane.

In 1963 the church burned down, but the tower and spire were saved, so the spire was used again for a new church, built in 1966.

St Paul's was declared redundant in 1992 and the spire was given to Avoncroft by the Diocese of Birmingham.

The spire was built in 2 sections by Brylan Plastics of London and stands 17m tall.

Location: Avoncroft Museum, Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove B60 4JR.

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