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Join me as I verbally wander around Shustoke Barns.

I've been to many beautiful venues and this is a continuation of a review of some of them from my point of view of as a wedding photographer.

Shustoke Barns (also referred to as Shustoke Farm Barns) sit in a lovely secluded location in North Warwickshire, just east of Coleshill; about 20 minutes from the centres of Birmingham and Coventry. The 18th-Century, Grade II listed red brick buildings are striking inside and sit next to a charming courtyard with ancient olive trees. The venue is run by Cripps & Co who have wedding venues in other parts of the country. They were built in 1772 - when some of these pictures were taken, the barns were 242 years old.

The Barns are a beautiful location for either a Civil Ceremony followed by the Reception or your Ceremony elsewhere and you Reception at the Barns. If you are searching for rustic, the barns are Rustic, with a capital R!

Within the Barns themselves, there are beautiful oak beams, flagstone floors (with underfloor heating - what's not to like), along with lovely geometric pattern air vents (known as breathers) that all combine to provide for beautiful pictures inside and out.

The courtyard is a charming space with a choice of areas (depending upon the time of day) for pictures in a little shade which is lovely on a hot summers day. The beautiful mature olive trees in the courtyard, also allow for some fabulous seating areas for your guests.

Shade also helps lessen squinting when pictures are being taken when the sun high in the sky during the summer months.

There are many locations at this venue for your beautiful wedding pictures. If you have a long wedding dress, there are steps inside and out to allow you to show off your dress to its best.

Outside the Barns themselves, there is beautiful red brick to offset a wedding dress.

Once dressed for the Wedding Reception, the barns seem to take on a new dimension, with carefully considered lighting making the most of the internal decor.

Once it gets dark the internal lighting makes the barns take on a magical feel, made even more beautiful if you have DJ that has a light system to really light the place up.

I have photographed at Shustoke Barns during late summer and early autumn. I can only imagine the beauty of the area with bare trees in early spring, in the snow of winter or the gorgeous warm colours autumn.

As a photographer I can say this is a really lovely venue to photograph in, I cannot imagine there is a bad picture to be had at this venue.

If you want to get more information on this fabulous wedding venue - click here.

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Shustoke Barns-Crazy Beautiful

Exterior view of Shustoke Barns, Coleshill.

Beautiful red brick showing off diamond shaped 'breathers'

So who knew that diamond shaped brickwork is called a breather - but it makes sense that fresh air was able to get into the barn.

The outside of this venue has changed a little since this picture was taken, no doubt making it even more beautiful.

Location: Shustoke Barn, Coleshill Road, Shustoke, Coleshill B46 2BL.

Keywords: Grade II listed building (54), shustoke barn (24), wedding venue (24). 1/200; f/10.0; ISO 125; 24.0 mm.