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I've been in business since 2012, and my website will show you a selection of previous weddings I have photographed.

There are not pictures from every wedding we have photographed because some people don't want their images on view to the public and I fully respect this request.

You will see that no two weddings are really the same and this means that I can't say that I fit into any typical style of photography.

Some couples don't always want formal photographs, but if this is the case, you might miss out on the pictures where people don't always naturally come together, plus nobody stands in a line to chat, so images will inevitably come with backs of heads or whatever.

So my advice regarding formal photography is to plan for a dozen or so pictures to get those important parents/grandparents/grandchildren pictures, those bride/bridesmaids pictures and all those other combinations.

We do candid pictures during the whole of your (apart from when we are doing your family formals) but when posing is needed, we'll try to provide some direction if you need it, if it's clear you don't need our direction, I'll stay silent.

My view has always been that once photographs are taken, they are taken and I can decide what to do with them once I see them on a bigger screen, and I'll no doubt delete some, but once everybody goes home, the chance is gone.

If you are unsure about what you'd like it, we can discuss it when we meet for our first wedding consultation.