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I've been in business since 2012, and my website will show you a selection of previous weddings I have photographed.

There aren't pictures from every wedding we have photographed because some people don't want their images on view to the public and I fully respect this request. Also, sometimes people say yes to me showing their images and later change their mind, so what was once on my website can be missing next time you take a look.

You will see from my portfolio that no two weddings are the same and this means I can't say I fit into any typical style of photography. Even when we've been to the same venue more than once, everybody and everything is very different: it would be wrong to say that I have X or Y style of photography, but if you have a style that you've spotted on somewhere like Instagram or Pinterest, let me know and I can advise you about whether that style is possible at your chosen venue(s).

Our approach is to photograph informally when we can - sometimes called candid or reportage photography and this is great for most of your wedding day but doesn't really help if you want a picture of you and a Great Aunt who you see infrequently as although you will no doubt chat with her, nobody ever stood in a line to chat so it means that there is always somebody with their back to the camera so my advice is always to plan for some formal images to get those important parents/grandparents/grandchildren pictures, those bride/bridesmaids pictures and all those other combinations.

My view has always been that once photographs are taken, they are taken and I can decide what to do with them once I see them on a bigger screen, and I'll no doubt delete some, but once everybody goes home, the chance is gone, so I take loads... I've left some weddings with over 3,000 pictures. You wouldn't be supplied with all of those, but if they are useable you might expect to see over 1,000 pictures from your day.

If you are unsure about what you'd like, we can discuss it when we meet for the first time.