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 Hogarth's Stone Manor, Kidderminster wedding photographer
Hogarth's Stone Manor Wedding photographer
Hogarth's Stone manor Wedding photography
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Kidderminster Wedding Photographer
Hogarth's Stone Manor Wedding photographs
Hogarth's Kidderminster wedding photographer
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Hogarths wedding ceremony photographer, Kidderminster
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Hogarths Kidderminster civil wedding photographer
Hogarths Stone Manor wedding
'Someone at the door' Hogarth's Stone Manor wedding
Vintage Hogarths Stone Manor Wedding Photography
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Wedding Reception, Kidderminster photographer
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Hogarth's Stone Manor

Hogarths Stone Manor, Kidderminster

I have tried to research the history of the original Stone Manor, but there appears to be some confusion over its history.

The Hogarths Stone Manor website will tell you that the original building was mentioned in the Doomsday Book (so the year 1086), largely destroyed by fire in the early 1920's, being rebuilt in 1926 by a man called James Guleeth Hill as a private residence.

But a webpage in The Telegraph travel section (see the article here) suggests it was designed by Liberty of London architect Edwin Thomas Hall. When you see Stone Manor, it certainly has echos of Liberty's of London in design, but E T Hall appears to have been a London man, with nothing to suggest he spent any time in the Midlands, and I am sure that if Stone Manor had been designed, or redesigned by such a famous architect, it would be mentioned somewhere other than a Telegraph Travel article.

Stone Manor was purchased by Helena Hogarth in 2015.

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